Beer Ball Drinking Game Rules | How To Play 🍺

Are we ready to play Beer Ball?!?!

This fast-paced drinking game is a great time and is perfect for:

  • pregaming with your friends
  • getting the party started before too many people have shown up
  • as a station at a beer olympics

So, if you are prepared to play the Beer Ball drinking game, check out our ultimate guide to rules, materials needed, tips, and general things you should follow to know how to play.


What is Beer Ball?

Beer Ball is a drinking game involving four players racing to see who can finish their team’s beers first. It involves throwing a ping pong ball or similarly-sized ball at beer cans in order to be able to finish your own beer can. Fast paced, fun, and easy to set up, this drinking game is a great alternate to beer die and other beer tables games.

Before you play Beer Ball (The Setup)

This game will require you to grab 3 of your best beer-drinking friends. After acquiring a ping pong ball, four (count em 4) unopened beer cans, you should congregate around a large table.

Once that has been completed, it is time to outline the rules to your group and start the game.


Beer Ball Materials

  • 4 players
  • 1 large rectangular table
  • 4 beer cans (unopened)
  • 1 ping pong ball
You are going need some beer


Beer Ball Rules

The rules of Beer Ball are simple and should only require a minute or two to teach your friends who have decided to join the game. You can refer to this guide should they have any additional questions, but the game is pretty straightforward. While the beer ball game rules may vary from household to household, the rules below should be able to outline the gameplay to get started in under five minutes.

Step 1

Separate into two teams to two and stand on each corner of the table with your unopened beer in front of you.

Step 2

The team going first will choose one player to throw the ping pong ball at the opposite team’s beer cans. You should choose to aim for one of the two cans.

Step 3

After hurling the ball at the opponents beer cans, one of two outcomes will determine how the team responds.

If you miss the cans completely, then your turn is over and your opponents will go next.

If the ball hits either of the two cans:

1. You must crack your can and start chugging your beer as fast as possible
2. At the same time, the defending team must grab the ball and touch it to the table to end the round.

Note: if the ball connects with a beer can and stays on the table, then you must still defend by grabbing the ball and using it to touch the table.

Step 4

The thrower who has now been chugging their beer must drink until the defending team ends the round by touching the ball to the table. Once the ball has touched the table, they must immediately stop drinking and return their can to the table.

Step 5

Teams alternate throwers each possession hoping to throw the ball at the opposing team’s beer cans. Once one team member has drained their entire beer, they no longer have to play offense but their can remains for them to defend on.

Step 6

Once both team members have finished their two beers, the game is over and they are crowned Beer Ball champions.

If you have any more questions about how to play beer ball at your next pregame, party, or backyard chill sesh, feel free to ask use in the comments below!

Beer Ball Tips

Tip 1: Make some room

Take a few minutes to clear the space around your table so that you do not have to deal with grabbing the ball underneath a table or chair during the course of the game. It is also good to remove anything you could potentially slip on when retrieving the ball.

Tip 2: Cold beer, bad chug

If you choose to play with ice-cold beer, it may make it harder to chug through the early portion of your game. A less cold, room-temperature beer may taste a bit worse but it will be easier to down.

Tip 3: You don’t have to chuck it

While it feels great to absolutely rip the ping pong ball as hard as your can at the opposing team’s beer cans, it can drastically reduce your accuracy. This tip is deigned to encourage you to throw with some velocity but you do not want to spend the entire game missing every throw because you think you are Randy Johnson out there.

Look at The Big Unit go!

Tip 4: Let the peanut gallery know wheat you are playing

If you are playing this game in a basement, backyard, or inside before a house party, you are most likely going to have other party goers hanging around the game. We highly recommend notifying people hanging out around the table that there are about to be 4 people throwing a plastic ball across the room and chasing after a ball. Tell them to go play survivor flip cup in the other room!


Beer Ball – Hard Mode

If want to try out a variation of Beer Ball, you can add an extra rule that will extend the game and make things a bit more interesting. Instead of the person who retrieves the ball touching the ping pong ball to the table, they must throw the ball to their teammate, who must then tag the ball to the table.

This extra step makes it so that both players are able to participate when a can is hit and can add a fun level of teamwork to playing defense.

We hope you found the rules to playing Beer Ball easy to follow and that you have everything ready to play this drinking game on your own.

If we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments! We try to update our posts with new information, additional rules, and anything else you might need to play this drinking game at your next happy hour.

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