10 Beer Olympics Games For The Ultimate Drinking Game Competition ๐Ÿบ

Are you ready to compete for glory?

With beer!

We’re talking lots and lots of beer.

We’ve done the research, interviewed athletes, attended the event, and drank a few beers in the process to deliver the definitive guide to beer olympics. This will hopefully be a useful tool for you and your friends to plan the best beer olympics party of your lifetime. Beer olympics may not come around every four years…depending on your hangover!

What is Beer Olympics?

A Beer Olympics is a competition among friends where participants compete in a variety of games, challenges, and activities to see who will be crowned the gold medalist of beer. While there are a number of customizations and house rules that you can add to your own Beer Olympics, there are a few tried and true strategies to craft the ultimate experience.


Country Choosing

It is widely known that the competition will feature participants representing different countries from around the world.

This is a great opportunity for people to have fun with this and get amped up to play an exciting night of beer games with the people they love. If you need some ideas to get you started, here are some beer olympics tips for choosing the countries.

1. Random country assigned

This can be sent to each person before the game so that why have plenty of enough time to plan their beer olympics costume. Whether they want to dress in the countriesโ€™ colors, clothing associated with that specific place, or whatever they choose โ€” it is a good idea to give them time to plan their outfit ahead of time.

2. Choose your own country

Letting each one of your friends choose their own country will incentivize them to pick the country that most interests them. This is bound to result in better costumes, more energy, and ultimately a more lively beerlympics experience.


Beer Olympics Materials

1. People

This activity is best situated for beer games that involve multiple people. We would recommend a total of at least four people to effectively run a fun event. On the high end, it is really about how many people you can comfortably fit and how much space you have to run certain activities.

For example, how many tables could you put up if you decide to play a Beer Pong competition between competing countries? Exactly. So about 4 – 20ish.


2. Beer

You are going to want a lot of beer. A lot. Some games require very little drinking, while others might go through a can or multiple cans in just one round. While it is totally up to you to plan the kinds of drinking games for your event, you will want to have enough beer to finish the competition. Plus some in reserves, should people want to party after closing ceremonies.

In terms of what kind of beer to buy, it is probably best to choose a lighter beer that is easy to drink. While you may have a friend who loves craft IPAs, you might want to tell them to bring their own. This is a drinking olympics after all. so we want light, cheep beer โ€” and lots of it!


3. Drinking game materials

This will of course depend on which kinds of games you decide to include in your schedule. You may want to take a closer look at the rules for the games you are playing and make sure you have everything necessary to run a good game. This may or may not include:

  1. ping pong balls
  2. dice
  3. tables
  4. red solo cups
  5. beer bottles tops
  6. quarters
  7. deck of playing cards


4. Water

This is a big one. When you have adults running around, flipping cups, chugging beer, yelling, dancing, celebrating, etc. โ€” you are going to need to stay hydrated. Ideally you would have a big water station like the water coolers you see dumped on a football coachโ€™s head. See exhibit a:


But you can definitely get buy with some water jugs, a crate or two of plastic water bottles, and a few friendly reminders to your guests that they should mix in a water or two every so often. While you and your fellow competitors will want to participate in every event, you will want to pace yourself so that activities do not quickly enter the realm of drunk olympics.


Beer Olympics Games

1) Beer Pong

What is it: A 2v2 beer game where teams attempt to throw ping pongs into the other teams’ cups.
What do you need to play: 1 table, 2 ping pong balls, and 20 red cups
Pro-tip: You can find a breakdown of gameplay and rules here — don’t forget to yell “Kobe” at some point

2. ThunderStruck

What is it: A beer olympics drinking game where everyone stands around in a circle and one person drinks until the word “Thunder” is sung by ACDC and the person to their left then picks up drinking until the next “Thunder” and so on.
What do you need to play: A speaker and a beer for everyone
Pro-tip: You can start with one person drinking or spice things up with two people starting for double the drinking.

3. Survival Flip Cup

What is it: A team v team flip cup challenge where the losing team of each round must eliminate a player while making up their open cup in the next round.
What do you need to play: A table and one cup for each person
Pro-tip: The losing team of each round gets to collectively choose who they want to eliminate from their team. You can learn more about this Olympics activity with this Survivor Flip Cup Drinking Guide.

4. Relay

What is it: A relay race drinking game where teams of four players complete four tasks before “handing the baton” to the next person.
What do you need to play: 12 cups on each side and one ping pong ball for each team
Pro-tip: Have someone catching the ping pong ball at the beer pong station to speed things up so the thrower does not need to keep shagging their own missed shot.

5. Pizza Box

What is it: A dare-based drinking game where players get to write down dares on a pizza box for each person to potentially act out.
What do you need to play: 1 old pizza box or cardboard square plus a sharpie and quarter for gameplay
Pro-tip: If you need an entire breakdown of gameplay for this drunk olympics game, check out this guide to the pizza box drinking game.

6. Civil War

What is it: A rapid fire ping pong ball shooting gameย  where each team tries to make every single cup on the other teams table as fast as possible.
What do you need to play: At least 3 cups for each player and one ball for each 2 player battle.
Pro-tip: You may want to bring extra balls as they may go all over the house during the course of the game. For a refresher, review the rules to Civil War.

7. Beer Ball

What is it: A 2v2 drinking game where teams attempt to throw a ball at the other team’s beer cans on the table and chug as fast as possible while the other teams retrieves the deflected ball.
What do you need to play: 4 beer cans and one ping pong ball
Pro-tip: You can explore this guide to beer ball for more details regarding gameplay.

8. Beerio Kart

What is it: A drinking game based on the classic videogame, Mario Kart, where each player must race, drink, but never at the same time!
What do you need to play: Nintendo console + Mario Kart game and one beer for each person
Pro-tip: You can check out our dedicated guide to Beerio Kart for all rules, tips, and necessary materials.

9. Shotgun Race

What is it: A race to finish your beer can! Simply open the beer near the bottom with a key or knife to create an opening. Then crack open the beer while drinking from the bottom hole as fast as you can. The winner is the person who empties their beer can the fastest.
What do you need to play: A beer for each player and a house key to open up each beer.
Pro-tip: Try to remind each player that they must flip their beer can upside down to show that the entire beer has been consumed. No cheating!

10. Dizzy Bat

What is it: A fun outdoor drinking game designed to combine the best aspects of beer drinking and baseball. Each player gets one opportunity to hit their beer can the farthest in a home run derby competition.
What do you need to play: 1 yellow wiffle ball bat and 1 beer can
Pro-tip: This can get a little messy so try to play this outside in the backyard. For more information, check out the HappyHourHelp guide to Dizzy Bat.

People Also Ask These Questions About Beer Olympics

Q: How many games are played in the beer Olympics?

  • You can play as many games as you would like for your beer olympics game. It is all about planning and getting enough materials (and beer) to be able to play multiple types of drinking games.

Q: How does a beer Olympics work?

  • You can design your Olympics to include what ever is going to make people get excited. Country teams, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, and surprise mini games are just a few things you can plan into your beer olympics night.

Q: How many people should be on a beer Olympics team?

  • Preferably you will have at least 8 people to run an event that can sustain a number of drinking games that require multiple players.

Q: What country should you be for beer Olympics?

  • That is entirely up to you! You can randomly assign people their country to represent or you can let them choose and bring their own costumes.

Q: How do they pick teams for beer Olympics?

  • Mix it up! If you played with someone the previous game, it could be a good idea to play the next game with a new Olympic athlete.

Q: What do you wear to beer Olympics?

  • Make it fun and dress up to represent the country you are playing for. Costumes, face paint, athletic wear are all encouraged.

Q: When is a good time to host a drinking Olympics?

  • It is recommended to host the drinking olympics at a time when the weather is warm and you can hopefully enjoy a backyard. While not all of the games will require the outdoors, your teams may get pretty rowdy and will want some space to celebrate, talk, and cheer on their fellow Olympians.

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