Civil War Drinking Game [Rules To Play This Fast-Paced Beer Game]

If you find yourself on the battlefield this evening, then you must brush up on all the ways you can play the Civil War drinking game with your friends.

While this game has no strong connection to the American Civil War, it does put two sides against each other over a heated battle for victory.

In this guide, we will break down all the tips, tricks, and rules you will want to know to play Civil War at your next pregame, party, kickback, or get together.

Ready, aim, fire!

What is the Civil War Drinking Game?

Civil War is a beer pong style drinking game where two teams of at least 3 people attempt to make the opposing teams’ cups as fast as possible. This game features a more rapid style approach to beer pong than the traditional ball in cup game that has become so popualr with younger generations.

Materials Needed:

▶︎ 2 tables lined up parallel to each other

▶︎ 6 red solo cups per player

▶︎ 1 ping pong ball per player

▶︎ 1 drink per player

How To Set Up Civil War

1) You will need to position your two tables across from each other so that a ping pong toss into the opposing players cups is a standard distance.

2) Each player sets up their cup pyramid into a 3-2-1 triangle directly in front of their station. These will be their cups (or lives) as they play the round and they are responsible for drinking the contents of each cup

3) Once the cups have been arranged, fill each cup with the same amount of liquid in each. About a gulp or two is normal.

4) Each player grabs a ping pong ball and stands directly behind their triangle of cups.

5) The two tables should have the same number of players on each side.

How To Play Civil War Drinking Game

6) Begin the game by counting down from 3 after which each player throws their ball aiming for their opponents cups

7) At any point should your opponent sink one of your cups, you must stop shooting and drink that cup.

8) Play continues without stopping until one person has successfully sunk the ball into each cup on their opponent’s table

9) Once each cup has been successfully sunk, the game has ended and the winner is crowned!

Civil War Variations

Flip Cup Civil War

This follows the same rules for the traditional Civil War drinking game yet whenever a ball sinks a cup, you must stop your throw, drink the contents of the cup, and succesffuly flip cup. Once you have completed the flip cup action, you can begin your next throw

2 on 2 / 3 on 3 / etc

This increased the scope of the game by adding multiple players to each table. Gameplay remains the same however when one player’s cups have been sunk, then other players can aim at the remaining player’s triangles. Note: They must stay standing where they are and cannot get any closer to the remaining player’s cups even if they are on the opposite side of the table as them.

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