How To Play Dizzy Bat Drinking Game [A Dizzyingly Fun Time]

Batter Up!

If you are at a barbecue, beach hang, happy hour, tailgate, or simply partying with some friends, then it is time to play Dizzy Bat!

This guide to Dizzy Bat will give you all the rules, tips, tricks, and materials to play the Dizzy Bat drinking game this weekend.

Three strikes and you are out there playing a super fun drinking game with just a beer, bat, and your coordination. What could be better?!?!

What is Dizzy Bat?

Dizzy Bat is an outside drinking game that combines aspects of baseball and beer chugging to form a perfect balance of dizziness, athletic competition, and beer drinking. This game has been popularized at tailgates and barbecues since it requires a classic wife ball-style bat to play.

Dizzy Bat sans beer

What do I need to play Dizzy Bat? [Materials]

To play Dizzy Bat you will need one wiffle ball bat and one beer.

A Wiffle ball is a plastic, hollow ball shaped around the size of a normal baseball. These practice baseball balls are perfect for baseball players learning to pitch, catch and hit since they model their harder cousins.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for everything you need (besides the beer) to play Dizzy Bat, check out this bundle:

Dizzy Bat Materials

Dizzy Bat Ideas

There are a few different versions of Dizzy bat that you can choose to play. They are all fun, it’s more just about finding the game that suits you and your friends best.

Let’s break them down:

The Filled Bat

1. Take the yellow wiffle ball bat and cut a small hole in the barrel of the bat. This hole will be used to create air flow for the chugger. Then carefully remove the “butt” of the bat to produce a hole in the handle for drinking out of the bat. (This only has to be done the first time when you have a brand new bat)

2. Fill the bat full of one beer

3. Chug the beer as fast you can out of the bat

4. Once you have finished drinking the beer, place your forehead on the end of the bat with the handle facing towards your head.

5. Touch the bat to the ground (or as close to the ground as possible) and spin around in a circle making sure to keep the bat in the space place

6. After 10 spins around the bat, the player must stand up and get into their batting stance

7. The other player (the one who has not drunk the beer and has been watching their friend the last 30 seconds) must then take the crumpled up beer can that they used to fill the Dizzy Bat and toss the can in the strike zone

8. The beer drinker must try to hit the can with the wiffle ball bat

The Shotgun Approach

This variation is similar to the classic Dizzy Bat rules yet involves zero drinking out of a large yellow bat by substituting in a shotgun. This makes it easy to play a number of games in a row as you won’t have to be constantly refilling the bat to play each time.

The Home Run Derby

The team Dizzy Bat game where players enter and go one by one to see who can hit the can the furthest. You can also substitute the can for a classic wiffle ball to really get some fly balls going.


Dizzy Bats To Buy

1) DIY Dizzy Bat


The “OG” yellow plastic bat that is easy to alter to make your DIY Dizzy Bat at home! All you need is a little skill, something sharp, and a few minutes to get your bat up and running.

Find it here: DIY Dizzy Bat


2) Blue Dizzy Bat


This bat has been expertly designed for beer drinking. Also includes a pre-cut “chugging end” so you don not have to use a knife or scissors and can start partying faster!

Find it here: Blue Dizzy Bat


3) The Beer Bat

The Beer Bat

If drinking a ton of light beer in a matter of seconds is not really your favorite thing to do in the world, you might like the Beer Bat! Shaped like bat of your favorite players, this beer glass is made from durable plastic so it can be used outside at a tailgate, party, or beach day. Not to mention it holds 26 ounces of hoppy goodness!

Find it here: The Beer Bat


4) ThirstBat Chugger

ThirstBat Chugger

For big league sluggers and big league chuggers. A built-in bottle opener makes it easy to crack open any beverage bottle, fill the barrel of the bat, and get to drinking. Sturdy enough to use as a bat when playing a little fly ball outside, this dizzy bat tool is a must!

Find it here: ThirstBat Chugger


We hope you find this beer game as much fun as we did. Easy to set up, easier to play. This is the perfect kind of activity to play when you are outside on a sunny day and you want to drink a few cold ones with the friends. As always, drink responsibly!

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