31 Hilarious Drunk Jenga Ideas For Parties

Is it time to play drunk jenga?

Guess so!

This list of drunk jenga ideas is designed to help you and your friends find the kinds of dares, challenges, wagers, jokes, and activities that will send your night to the next level.

But first…just so we are all on the same page.

What is drunk jenga?

Drunk jenga is a jenga drinking game created to combine the fun of the classic tumble block party game with the old-fashioned competition of a drinking game. We may never know who was the first person to put pen to block and create this party activity, but we do know that this game will completely energize your party the next time you play it!

We put together this list of drunk jenga ideas to help you create the perfect game for your group.

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, but a good place to start if you are starting a jenga drinking game from scratch, or adding some new ideas to your current set. Either way, good luck and drink responsibly!

What you will need to start playing (Materials)

  1. a set of Jenga
  2. a black pen or marker
  3. this list of drunk jenga ideas

31 Drunk Jenga Ideas For Blocks & Tiles

1) Arm Wrestle with another player

Unravel those sleeves, flex your muscles, and see who is the strongest in this classic arm competition. Just be careful that you don’t hurt yourself! You can also mix things up by randomly selecting their opponent.

2) Does Anyone Need Anything?

The person who grabs this jenga piece will have to make a run to the fridge and/or cooler to grab the other players a refill or snack to complete their turn.

3) Finish Your Drink

This one is pretty darn straight-forward. You won’t get bonus points for getting down on one knee and chugging your entire drink, but it can’t hurt!

4) Go Again (Re do your turn)

This drunk jenga idea makes you go again and take another block from the tower. Double the turns, double the chances of making the tower crash to the ground. Uh-oh!

5) Attempt a hand stand

This may be more difficult for the coordinated-deficient people playing the game. But everyone will appreciate the effort as you take to the ground to attempt a gym class staple. Just be careful!

6) Tik Tok Star

Player must film a Tik Tok and post it to their account. Who knows… maybe it will go viral.

Make A Tik Tok
Tik Tok Star!

7) Text your crush

😘🀩😘 Lol I think ur so cuuute. 

8) Make a speech

Whether you go for short and to the point or a bit more long-winded, you better get the party’s attention with this jenga challenge and go for it! People will not remember every aspect of the speech but if you can recite Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day people will remember!

9) Photographer (take a photo of everyone who is playing)

This doubles as a perfect way to capture this game and record just how sloppy everyone looked after playing a game or two of drunk jenga in Brenda’s kitchen. You can also share the picture with your other game players and they all can keep it to remember what an amazing time they had at so-and-so’s party.

10 Speak in an accent for 5 minutes

This might be a bit extreme, but it can help any actors in the game practice one of the many accents they will need to perfect as they take on Hollywood. You can choose whichever accent you would like to attempt, but if you start losing it, you know your drunk jenga opponents are going to make you take a drink.

11) Take a shot of the nearest hard liquor

You better have something to wash down this shot or you are going to have to take some hard alcohol to the face. Vodka, tequila, gin, choose your weapn of choice. Which ever one you choose, the same result is going to happen.

Take A Shot
Take A Shot!

13) Girls! (All girls playing must take a drink)

Ladies, it is time to take a drink!

14) Boys! (All boys playing must take a drink)

All the men in the room must show they are not afraid of a little drinky drink. So let’s not let the ladies have all the fun!

15) Draw a face on your big toe and make it tell a joke

If you have a problem with feet, this may be a bit harder for you. However, this jenga drinking game idea is easy to execute on and can be funny for the group depending on their sense of humor and how much they have had to drink that night.

Draw a Face on Your Big Toe
Draw A Face On Your Big Toe!

16) Old Man Jenkins!

The oldest person playing must take a drink.

17) Switch shirts

Switch shirts with another player for one turn.

18) Impressionist

Act out an impression of someone at the party and let everyone guess who it is. If you do Elvis everyone is going to know. Also, no Darth Vader! We wont have anyone going to the dark side during your round of drunk jenga.

19) Shark Tank 🦈🦈🦈

The person who has the best shark tank idea gets to hand out 3 drinks. Time to find out who the Mr. Wonderful of the game is.

20) Whale Watcher πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Try your best to name 4 types of whales. You can also take a few minutes to research some interesting facts about your four whales and tell the rest of the players in the game what you have learned. See…. you won’t only be having fun during drunk jenga, you will also be learning something in the process.

Types of Whales
Whale Watcher

21) Blind Kiss

Close your eyes and have one person in the group kiss you, then you must guess who kissed you.

22) Ticket Master

Last person in the room to get a speeding or parking ticket must take a drink.

23) Shotgun a beer

Grab a beer. Grab a key. You know the rest.

24) Drink and Sneeze

Drink for 10 seconds and then fake sneeze. Extra points for making the sneeze so loud it stops the other conversations at the party.

Drink and Sneeze
Drink and Sneeze!

25) Handstand

This one is real simple. Attempt a handstand. If you need to use a wall or another player to help you balance, that is your call.

26) Play Heads Up

The player who pulls this Jenga piece must play a round of Heads Up while the other players play as the audience.

27) Hug A Friend

Find a friend. Hug them. I am sure at least one of you will feel better after it.

Hug A Friend
Hug A Friend πŸ€—

28) You’ve been great Coachella!

The player who has been to a music festival most recently must take a drink.

29) Haiku

Player must make a haiku in the time it takes for them to take their next turn. Calling all poets at the party!

30) Use your non-dominant hand during your next turn

This one can be a bit tricky (especially if you are deep into the game) but it can seriously mix things up and test ever the most experienced of Jenga players.

31) Charades

One round of charades the old fashioned way. The person to your immediate right will choose how many slips of paper you must get through. Try to make the ideas fun and include a phrase, person, place, or thing. Remember: no sounds! Play a round of charades with the other players writing in their ideas. See how many you can get through in 1 minute.



Well, we have now broken down some of our favorite drunk jenga ideas for all types of events. If you have any other amazing ideas, please let us know in the comments. We will periodically update our list with more ideas that we have found fun when playing this jenga drinking game.

Thanks for playing!

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