10 Happy Hour Gadgets To Level Up Your Game [Hi-Tech Tools]

The rise of entrepreneurship in the 21st century has created a sprawling marketplace of new products that will excite your guests with their functionality and usability.

If you are one of the many people who love to socialize and host happy hours at home, then we recommend checking out the latest happy hour gadgets that have become life-savers for happy hour enthusiasts.

The team at HappyHourHelp can totally understand that their are a ton of gifts and gadgets out there to choose from. Sometimes you need help searching through the clutter to find the items that will be worth the cost and be something you will use for many events to come.

We hope you find our list of the 10 happy hour gadgets to try in 2021.

Pro – Tip: If you are planning a virtual happy hour, you may want to look into sending these gifts out as a way to thank your guests for attending the virtual event and to let them in on the fun when hosting a social hour of their own.

Happy Hour Gadgets

1) Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses



A stemless wine glass with a built-in internal cell to aerate your wine as you pour. Made of high-quality Pyrex glass, this set of (2) wine glasses will offer a nice drinking experience for any wine connoisseur.

Price: $50.00

Find It Here: Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses


2) Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes


These ice cubes are an excellent addition to your next cocktail experience to take your drink to the next level. With four varieties from The Old Fashioned to the classic Negroni, these infused cubes will pack a nice punch of flavor without overpowering your cocktail.

Price: $20.00

Find It Here: Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes


3) Viper Stadium Cabinet Dartboard


This isn’t a sole, lonely, dart board tucked away in a dark corner of the bar. This dartboard cabinet comes complete with a well-constructed dartboard, steel tip darts, dry erase scoreboard, dry erase marker and mounting hardware. It also offers a throw/toe line marker in the form of a red laser that makes it easy to line up for your throw each time.

Price: $124.57

Find It Here: Viper Stadium Cabinet Dartboard


4) Cocktail Spoon Straws


There are a lot of benefits to reusable straws. There are even more benefits to using a reusable straw that is also a cocktail spoon. The next time you are enjoying a frozen cocktail or ice cream float, you will be thankful to have one of these spoon straws to get the job done.

Pro – Tip: Each spoon straw is finished off with a colorful silicon band to help identify your drink from the others at your gathering.

Price: $14.00

Find It Here: Cocktail Spoon Straws


5) Firelight 750 Flask V2


This stainless steal flask can hold 750 ML (or a fifth of liquor) with a double-wall vacuum insulation that allows for extreme temperature control regardless of where you are headed. Pop in a favorite beverage of yours and head out to your next happy hour location without any worries since the Gunmetal-grey flask is equipped with leak-proof seams  to ensure your precious drink stays secure the entire time.

Price: $125

Find It Here: Firelight 750 Flask V2


6) Shower Beer Holder


The simple joy of a nice relaxing start to the night can be made even sweeter with a refreshing shower beer as you prepare for the night ahead. With so many professionals working from home, getting dressed up to go out and enjoy a local happy hour spot is all too easy– so make this next pre-happy hour routine even more convenient with this silicon beer holder that sticks to the tile of your shower.

Price: $15.00

Find It Here: Shower Beer Holder


7) Happy Hour Vitamins


We all have been there. We take things a little too seriously at happy hour…the next thing we know we are gulping down water late at night trying to prevent the hangover fairy from paying us a visit. What if there was a better way? These multivitamins are designed to help your body feel better in the morning and have the energy to take on the day.

Price: $13.95

Find It Here: Happy Hour Vitamins


8) Rustic Framed Magnetic Chalk Board


This chalk board is designed to help us unleash our creativity during happy hour. If you are learning to make cocktails, then it can be an excellent way to display the specials for your guests. Or maybe write a funny saying or quote to get everyone in the mood to celebrate the end of another work day!

Price: $21.50

Find It Here: Rustic Framed Magnetic Chalk Board


9) Happy Hour Antique Iron Bottle Opener


Who said every gadget has to be futuristic and innovative? Sometimes the best and most useful happy hour accessories are the ones that get the job done with no worries or stress. This antique bottle opener is very easy to mount to the wall of your backyard, patio, mancave, or where ever you want to get the party started.

Price: $12.75

Find It Here: Happy Hour Antique Iron Bottle Opener


10) Freezable Beer Glasses


Let’s chill this happy hour down! These freezable beer classes are equipped with a protective silicone sleeve to keep your hand nice and cozy as you sip down a deliciously chilled brew. The beer inside your glass will stay cold for much longer than a regular beverage container and will keep your drink refreshing during the entire occasion.

Pro – Tip: They recommend popping these bad boys into the freezer for four hours before your event to get them chilled to the optimum level.

Price: $35

Find It Here: Freezable Beer Glasses


These happy hour tools and gadgets are sure to impress your friends and family members at your next at-home happy hour. We know more and more incredible items are popping up in stores and online on a daily basis, so let us know if you have another can’t-miss idea that the HappyHourHelp team should know about.

We are constantly updating our content with new ideas and more gadgets that we want to share with other happy hour lovers.

You probably can’t become the next Bruce Wayne. But at least you can equip yourselves with the latest tech to take your favorite hour to new heights.


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