17 Happy Hour GIFs For Every Mood In 2021

How do you describe that one-of-a-kind feeling of pulling up to your first happy hour in a long time?

That sense of excitement and belonging where you can meet up with friends and enjoy the perfect blend of favorably-priced adult beverages, delicious snack items and post-work euphoria.

If you are feeling particularly good about spending your valuable post-work time at a happy hour event, you may consider posting to one of your many social media outlets.

Whether you are looking to send some love to your favorite aunt’s and uncles on Facebook, or stunt on all our friends on  your IG story, you might want to pick the perfect happy hour GIF to really set your social media followers off.

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Luckily for those at home. the HappyHourHelp team has scoured the far reaches of the world wide web to find you the premeir GIFs for happy hour success in 2021.

Without further ado we present the most shareable happy hour GIFs of 2021.

1) Drinks On Me

What this GIF says about you: You are a Lannister so you will be paying everyone’s debts. Wait..we mean bar tab.

2) Don’t Be A Hero

What this GIF says about you: The next round is on you. You will be bringing as many drinks as you can in one trip. Two trips is not acceptable.

3) I Put An Order In Already…

What this GIF says about you: You know that the appetizers are going to get you through this happy hour. You need them and they need you.

4) Fanciest Drink In The Building

What this GIF says about you: You don’t mean to be the only one ordering a gin martini with three olives at 5:15 on a Tuesday. But if it is going to be someone, then you should at least get the credit.

5) It’s Not A Challenge But It Is Not Not A Challenge

What this GIF says about you: No one is going to pressure you into ordering the insanely large fish bowl full of brightly-colored liquid. You are probably going to pressure yourself into it anyway.

6) I’ll Get The Next One

What this GIF says about you: You think you are going to get away with it. You might not have your wallet and even if you do, we all doubt it is coming out. Just sit back and enjoy the drink I got got for you. And the next one. And the one after that.

7) This Is A Good Year

What this GIF says about you: Even if the house wine is only five dollars and comes without a stem, you are going to relish the opportunity to talk about your 85′ Chateau Margaux you have at home. It may have cost a number that resembles your rent check, but your budding sommelier career deserved it.

8) Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

What this GIF says about you: We did not ask you to come to the happy hour wearing an outfit right out of 1960s Madison Avenue. Richie got in wearing shorts. Go ahead and order an Old Fashioned, because after all: you are what you drink.

9) What Is See-Attle?

What this GIF says about you: You picked the place that coincidentally has trivia on Wednesday nights. You are betting you can convince a few suckers to stay into the night and showcase their encyclopedic knowledge of english literature and reality shows.

10) Hangover Incoming

What this GIF says about you: Your manager is not going to accept your response that you took things a little too aggressively during happy hour with your coworkers. Enjoy your mid-week hangover, because it is going to take its sweet time.

11) You Are On Mute

What this GIF says about you: Since you are taking this virtual happy hour theme all the way, we agree that you are the All-Star of Zoom. Just please mute yourself when you start talking about work.

12) Bills Mafia

What this GIF says about you: We can see you eyeing the bar for the perfect position between friends and the televised sports on mounted TVs. You are probably going to bring up your upcoming tailgate party and how at this one you won’t make too much buffalo dip like the last five weekends.

13) Never Too Late

What this GIF says about you: We understand that your boss gave you a project with an unusual EOD deadline. That won’t stop you from making it out with the gang. To make it here before happy hour ends, you might just have to run. Fast.

14) Drunchies Inbound

What this GIF says about you: You gave a valiant effort to make it through an entire happy hour by only making healthy choices. You ordered a vodka soda without lime. for Pete’s sake! However, soon it will be dinner time and those drunk-munchies will take over and everything will be on the menu.

15) I’m Getting Too Old For This…

What this GIF says about you: You tried your best to rally after working another long week and while you find yourself out in a loud and cramped place, you really just want to take your shoes off and pour yourself a real drink. Preferably without people around.

16) The Opportunist

What this GIF says about you: Another night out with new adventures to be had. You might be frequenting the same bar you always go to for happy hour, but that does not mean that you won’t meet “The One” tonight. If you have to help things out a little bit with the computer in your pocket, then so be it.

17) Sleep Is For The Weak (And You)

What this GIF says about you: You tried your very best. It was amazing seeing you out after a long day in the salt mines. Let’s face it, sleep is what you need. We’ll see you at the next one. Get home, find your jammies, and dream of future nights out with the crew.

Did we miss any other notable GIFs?

We know there are more out there, so why don’t you meet us at the same place next week and we can discuss the other fantastic GIFs for every happy hour mood. We’re buying.

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