59 Happy Hour Names For Any Occasion In 2023 [Clever + Creative]

Looking for that perfect happy hour team name?

Are you planning a fun and flirty happy hour with an equally exciting theme?

Maybe you just want a clever happy hour caption for your inevitable drunk Instagram later tonight.

The team at HappyHourHelp has scoured every inch of the known universe to deliver our list of the best happy hour names for any occasion.

Look no further!

P.S. — we hope that you enjoy our favorite hour of the day.

Best Happy Hour Names

  1. Lime, Salt, & Tequila
  2. No Way Jose Cuervo
  3. Shots Only
  4. Shaken Not Stirred
  5. The Nightcaps
  6. 30 Rack City
  7. No Champagne, No Gain
  8. Highballers
  9. Welcome To The Jungle Juice
  10. It’s 5 O’clock Right Here
  11. Old Fashioned Good Time
  12. Bloody Marys
  13. Pint-Sized But Mighty
  14. Light Beer Only
  15. Three Martini Lunch

Happy Hour Team Names

Whether you are entering a trivia contest at your local pub or just simply want to form the best darn drinking team in town, we have some ideas to get you inspired. Some time the best team names are born from a shared experience or inside joke. Other times, it is all about what you feel is right for the members of your team. A good team name can earn some serious points with the host, so check out our list of some potential options! These ideas can also be used as cocktail party names if you and your guests feel like dressing up and enjoying the finer things in life.

  1. The Drunken Sailors
  2. Team Blackout
  3. Fireballers
  4. Tequila Mockingbirds
  5. Pirate Toms & Sailor Jerrys
  6. You Booze, You Lose
  7. Molotov Cocktails
  8. Everclear Eyes, Full Hearts
  9. We Don’t Know Anything
  10. We’ve Got Spirit(s)
  11. Moonshiners
  12. The Green Bay Six Packers
  13. The Fish Tanks
  14. Party Rockers
  15. No Wrong Answers
  16. Did We Miss Happy Hour?
  17. Last Place Or Bust
  18. What Is “Happy Hour” For 200 Alex
  19. Win Or Lose: We Still Booze
  20. We Cheer For Beer
  21. The Pub Crawlers
  22. The Avengers
  23. Can’t Kick Us Out
  24. Happy Happy Hippos
  25. Wine Time

This list of happy hour name ideas is clearly not exhaustive. This is designed to start as a jumping off point for you to find that perfect name for your upcoming happy hour celebration. While wordplay, puns, and jokes can be used — finding your own personal flair and style will help you land on the right happy hour name for your occasion.

Virtual Happy Hour Names

These virtual happy hour names can help you plan a creative theme that everyone logging on will remember for a long time. Take a second to build out an event that people can enjoy and not have to get into an Uber or put on pants. If you have chosen a theme, this is a perfect opportunity to use some unique happy hour names to solidify the event.

Pro-Tip: Start off the happy hour with a thought-provoking icebreaker question to get people chatting as that log on and settle into your virtual event!

  1. Zoom University Meet N’ Greet
  2. Can You See Me?
  3. Cat Filters Only
  4. Virtual Lunch N’ Chat
  5. The Big Game (Online tailgate party)
  6. Sip & Snacks
  7. Virtual Cocktail Hour
  8. Virtual Cinema – Netflix & Chill
  9. Online Van Gogh Night
  10. Rick & Morty Science Extravaganza

Happy Hour Captions

  1. “My favorite hour of the day”
  2. “We don’t need to drink, but it helps”
  3. “Win or lose, we still booze”
  4. “Is it 5 o’clock yet?”
  5. “I may not be brave but I have some liquid courage”
  6. “I like my happy hour early and often”
  7. “The drinks were cheaper so I bought more of them”
  8. “I cannot confirm how many chicken wings I ate at happy hour
  9. “A virtual happy hour is basically a fake bar with real drinks”
  10. “I love Thirsty Thursday, turns out it is only Monday”

People Also Ask These Questions About Happy Hour Names

Q: What makes a happy hour name clever?

  • A: If you are looking for a happy hour name for a special drink, event, GIF, or team name, there are a number of strategies you can use to find a clever happy hour name. First, you can take a look at a list of names to inspire you. Luckily for you, the team at HappyHourHelp curated a list of happy hour names for any occasion. You can think about using a pun to connect the theme of your event with the name. You can also draw from your theme to find a relatable topic to base your name around. If you are going to a Star Wars-themed event, maybe something like “Wookie Of The Year” would work?

Q: How do I come up with a creative happy hour name?

  • A: You can enlist the help of your friends who are also attending the happy hour to devise a good name for you all to use. If you are attending a live trivia event or pub quiz, you may want to think about a creative team name that relates to the people in your group. You can also pull from any inside jokes or running gags you have with your friends to come up with something that you are proud to put forth. If you are really stuck, a good pun using the word “quiz” is usually a crowd pleaser.

Q: How can I make a happy hour more fun?

  • A: Give it a theme. A fun theme with specifically names drinks and food items will help to boost engagement and help everyone have more fun at your upcoming happy hour. Everyone dreams to be the ultimate host when having friends and colleagues over for a post-work celebration. A good and easy way to do that is to pick a lively and approachable theme for guests to embrace.

Q: Is there another name for happy hour?

  • While most adults are familiar with the term “happy hour” to represent the early portion of the evening where restaurant patrons may receive discounts on food and beverage, that term is not the only way to represent this idea. Often times, you will find happy hours renamed based on the theme or style of the establishment. Not to mention, adults enjoying happy hour at home can find fun and creative ways to name happy hour to their liking.

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