Hocus Pocus Drinking Game: Rules To Play With Your Friends [Updated Oct. 2022]

The leaves are brown, the weather is cooling down, you are suddenly wearing more black! What could possibly be happening!?!?

It’s Spooky Season! Celebrate October the right way by getting together with friends, dressing up, and enjoying some fall-themed activities.

So how about a Hocus Pocus drinking game? 

Based on the 1993 Halloween-themed comedy, the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game is a watch party-styled activity for friends to pop on this cult classic, grab a beverage, and celebrate the cheesy goodness of Hocus Pocus.

So how do you play this Hocus Pocus drinking game?

Well, step right up, because the team at HappyHourHelp recently played and have sourced everything you need to know to get started.


Hocus Pocus Drinking Game Overview

To play this drinking game you will need:

1) Access to play the movie Hocus Pocus on your television. It is currently available on Disney Plus or you can rent it off Amazon here: Prime Video

2) Drinks for everyone to participate in the rules. We recommend something you can sip on easily since there will be a number of opportunities to drink. You will probably end up drinking about 3-4 drinks during the course of the movie so you will need to stock up before the viewing. We tried it with beer, hard seltzer, and mocktails which we found to all be good beverages to play with.

3) You can write down these rules on a big poster board and put up next to your television so everyone can see the rules as your watch the film. You can also print out the list of rules below and have multiple copies for your guests. (Optional)

4) Halloween-themed snacks to go with your drinking game watch party. (Optional)

5) Spooky Season costumes. Why not dress up as witches while you watch one of the best witch movies of all time?! (Optional)


Hocus Pocus Drinking Game Rules

Unlike other more active drinking games like Waterfall or Beerio Kart, this activity is set around the television where you and your friends play during a watch party viewing. With the rules handy next to you (or written on a poster) the players must take a drink, finish their drink, or complete what ever challenge listed once that event occurs during the course of the movie.

We’ve decided to list out the rules below in case you want to print this out before hand so everyone participating can make sure they can follow along.

Take A Drink If:

1) Candle: The black flame candle is referenced

2) Abra Cadabra: A spell is cast

3) Virgin Alert: Someone says the word “virgin”

4) Nooo Billy: When Billy Butcherson loses a limb or is hurt

5) Ghosts!: If you see a real or fake ghost

6) Book Worm: If any character opens the spellbook

7) What year is it?: Anytime one of the Sanderson sisters is confused by the modern day technology

8) Nine Lives: If Binx is killed or almost killed

9) Children!: The Sanderson witches use the word “children”

10) ICE!: If Ice is mentioned by name


  • Finish your drink if someone says “Hocus Pocus”
  • Take a gulp if someone starts singing
  • Take a shot when the black flame candle is lit
  • Yell “Broom” or “Vacuum” if any of the Sanderson sisters start flying. Whoever is last, must get everyone in the room a refill.
  • Finish your drink during “I Put A Spell On You”

There you have some ideas to get you started!

If you came up with any other ideas, feel free to leave us a comment and we can add it to the next update of our guide to the Hocus Pocus movie game. A great activity for a night in, an at-home happy hour before a night on the town, or to play virtually with your friends via Zoom — this drinking game is easy to play, easy to set up, and can make the 96 minute run-time fly by as you have fun with your friends.

Well, we hope you have a great watch party and have a Happy Halloween!


People Also Ask These Questions About Hocus Pocus Drinking Games

Q: How many people can play the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?

  • A: The more the merrier! As long as they have a comfortable seat and a drink in their hand, your guest should be able to play this movie drinking game with ease! As long as the Sanderson Sisters aren’t too scary for them.

Q: When is the best time to start the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?

  • A: This game is most likely going to be played in October as you get closer to Halloween. A great pregame activity before a halloween party or as a fun weekend watch party before firing up the new sequel (Hocus Pocus 2) on Disney+.

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