Pizza Box Drinking Game: Rules To Play + Bonus Ideas To Get Things Started

Did anyone order a pizza???

The pizza box drinking game is a fun and unique drinking game designed for a casual yet lively activity for friends to sit around and play without having to take everything too seriously.

This is the kind of drinking game where you can chat with your friends, crack jokes, laugh, and just enjoy the person-to-person time spent with your friends without having the game be too competitive, complicated, or stressful.

To get you started, we thought this game would be a good introduction to our audience who can offer this game as a fun activity to play in your living room, dining room, or anywhere you have some space to put down a pizza box.

Pizza Box: Materials Needed

To set up the Pizza Box Drinking Game, you will need:

– 1 cardboard square

While this has historically been an empty pizza box (from which this game derives its name) — really any square or rectangle piece of cardboard will do. While paper is probably doable, we recommend cardboard as it will be able to take a beating and its harder surface allows for the coin to bounce around the box more than a flimsy piece of paper.

– 1 quarter (or similar sized coin)

This quarter will be used as a way to run the game. We will get to the specific rule in a moment but you will definitely need something small to throw onto the game surface.

– 1 dark permanent marker

Once attempt the flip the coin onto the pizza box, you will need to use the marker to draw your shape and play your turn.

– 1 (or multiple) standard drinks for each person

While this is by no means a must (it’s not that kind of drinking game) it does help for a number of reasons. They are as follows:
– They allow you to take part in drinking challenges that may be written by you or your fellow players
– It will give you a little buzz especially if you have to perform a task/challenge that you are not 100% happy with
– It may (possibly) make the game a tad more livelier if people get a little tipsy throughout the course of the game

Generally a drinking game of this nature involves everyone drinking a beer, hard seltzer, or some kid of mixed drink.

TL;DR – You will need:
– 1 cardboard or paper surface
– 1 coin or small object
– 1 dark marker
– drinks for the room


Pizza Box Drinking Game Rules

Step 1: You lay the pizza box on the ground or table so that it is positioned in the center of your group

Step 2: The first person grabs the coin and attempt to flip the coin onto the pizza box. They can toss the coin or flip the coin with their thumb.

Note: If the coin does not land on the pizza box, they must re-do their throw until it successfully lands on the surface.

Step 3: Once the coin lands on the box, they must then use the magic marker to draw some sort of shape around the coin and then write in a task, challenge,game, or dare in the shape they have just crated.

Step 4: The person to the left (clock-wise) then goes next. There are two scenarios now. They either:

  • a) have the coin land on an unclaimed space on the box — which means they then create a shape, write in a task, and end their turn
  • b) flip the coin and any part of the coin lands in the space already claimed which means they myst perform the task labeled within the shape.

Here is a picture as an example:

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Step 5: Each person continues to play with some people further filing up the pizza box and others performing the tasks written in each shape.

Step 6: Eventually the board will be covered up with so many different tasks/challenges/dares that almost everyone must do something and the game eventually ends when everyone is satisfied (and maybe a little drunk😜 ).


Pizza Box Drinking Game Tips

1. Try to not lose the cap to the marker so that you don’t ruin the marker and hopefully the carper or floor you are playing on

2. It is common courtesy to not make your shape too large in the hopes that many people have to complete your assigned task. It’s often best if they are all roughly the same size so that there are a variety of challenges being completed.

3. With that being said, if you have a particularly difficult or embarrassing task for one unlucky person, you can make a very small shape if by lucky someone lands on it.

4. Please use your best judgement when writing in your idea for the pizza box surface. While something harmless can help make the game fun, no one is going to want to commit a crime, put themselves in danger, or seriously ruin their night just because you wrote it in

5. Don’t take it too seriously. This game can make for a great night at home, pre-game, during an extended happy hour, or mid-party activity — but it is not the biggest thing in the world and people should be encouraged to talk, chill, and generally have a fun time without worrying too much about Pizza Box.


Pizza Box Drinking Game Ideas & Topics

While the team at HappyHourHelp encourages you to be creative and make the game your own, we thought it would be helpful to provide some ideas and topics for when you are starting things off for a group that may not be super familiar with this kind of activity.

You can also use these ideas if you plan to throw a virtual happy hour or need dares for a game of waterfall.

Here are some ideas to start playing pizza box with your friends:

1. Finish your drink
2. Call Your Ex
3. Give a speech
4. Show off your best dance move
5. Do X amount of pushups
6. Take a belly shot off the person to your right
7. Put a dollar on the Pizza box (Next person to land on it, gets it)
8. Perform a line from your favorite movie
9. Sing 30 seconds from a song of your choice
10. Take a shot of whatever the person on your left finds in the fridge (limit 2 ingredients)
11. Shotgun a beer
12. Switch shirts with someone at the party
13. Show off a party trick you have
14. Tell a secret
15. Arm Wrestle with the person of your choice

Now that you have the materials, the rules, some *hopefully* helpful tips, and some ideas to get you started — we hope you give this game a whirl at your next gathering. Pizza box is the kind of drinking game where everyone is a winner as long as you give it a shot, bring a good attitude, and enjoy the quality time with your friends.

Plus, after all….it’s not a bad excuse to order pizza!

People Also Ask These Questions About Pizza Box

Q: How many players do you need to play the pizza box drinking game?

  • A: You can probably make it work with as little as 3 people. At the high end, 10-12 people is just about as many as we would recommend so no one has to wait an eternity before their next turn. Overall, anywhere from 6-8 people is probably the sweet spot give or take a few players.

Q: How long does it take to play pizza box?

  • A: The game has no definite end so you can keep playing for as long as everyone is enjoying the game and engaged. While the surface of the pizza box will eventually by completely covered, it is a fun part of the game experience when you are almost 100% guaranteed to land on some sort of dare or challenge. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes is what we would consider a normal game.

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