Survivor Flip Cup Drinking Game: Rules & Ideas For Happy Hour

If you are ready to play a fast-paced beer game with your group then Survivor Flip Cup may be your next party game to try.

This variation of the classic game of “flip cup” is team-based, a ton of fun, easy to learn, and a great way to drink a lot or a little bit of beer while participating in a drinking game.

In this guide to Survivor Flip Cup you will learn:

  • what materials are need to play this game
  • the rules of the game and what to expect during gameplay
  • some tips and tricks to give your team an edge during the fierce competition

We hope you enjoy Survivor Flip Cup at your next pregame, happy hour, house party, dinner party, or wherever you have a group of friends together with some extra beer on hand.

How To Play Survivor Flip Cup

The rules to survival flip cup are easy to follow and once you learn them, you and your players should have an awesome time competing against each other.

So let’s start with the basics. The game is a variation of flip cup where you must drink the content of your red solo cup and then line the cup against the side of the table. Then in one motion you must flip the bottom of the cup upwards so that the top of the cup lands on the table. See the GIF below:

Now that we have the basics of “flip cup” out of the way, let’s dive into what makes Survivor Flip Cup such a fun twist on this drinking game classic.

Survivor Flip Cup Rules

1) Take your group and divide into two teams with even numbers. Preferably you will have at least four people on either side but should really not go more than eight people on each team.

2) Line up on either side of a long table with your team so that you are “matched up” with an opponent on the other team.

3) Each person should fill up their plastic party cup with a swig of beer or whatever drink you are enjoying.

4) Place the cup in front of you so that you are ready to begin the game of Flip Cup

5) Begin the game of Flip Cup by starting on one side of the table. Once the player’s cup is successfully flipped on to the table, the person next in line may begin drinking and flipping.

6) The losing team must then circle up and decide to vote off one if its members. This is the part of the game that references the Survivor aspect of this activity.

Pro – Tip: You may either collectively agree to vote out one of your players as a team or you can elect someone from the other team to lead your group in a blind vote where each player must raise their hand for the person on their team they believe should be voted out.

This would work by having the person on the other team go down the line asking the losing team players to raise their hand for their vote once their name is called. For example: “Please vote once and only once. Raise your hand if you would like to vote out Nick. If you’d like to vote for Hannah. If you would like to vote for Maddy….etc.

While this strategy takes a bit more time, it can add another fun aspect to the game as you won’t know who on your team voted for you and who voted for someone else.

7) Now that the first person has been voted out, the losing team must now line up the same number of cups as the initial round of Flip Cup but with one missing member. Thus, someone on that team must play twice. The number of cups will always stay at the number you choose during Round 1 so the surviving team will have an advantage as you get further and further into the game.

Pro – Tip: If you are the person trying to pick up the slack for your team and drink two (or more) cups during the course of the Flip Cup round, it could be a good idea to spread them out to allow yourself time to drink the alcohol. Other players on the other hand, prefer to knock them out in a row!

8) Play continues until everyone on one of the teams has been eliminated. The remaining team is announced the champions!

Survivor Flip Cup Materials

  • Enough red Solo cups or plastic party cups for each player
  • 1 thirty rack of beer
  • 1 long table

Survivor Flip Cup Tips

1. Have back up beer cans ready. Depending on the number of players, you will go through a solid amount of beer. Having extra cans of beer lying around will make it easy for participants to refill their cups in between rounds.

2. Use your non-dominant hand as a steadier when flipping. Rather than using your dominant hand to line up your cup and then flip, it will save time if you use your other hand to line up your flip and steady the cup before your flip attempt. You can see the players below using their left hands to retrieve and set up the cup for their next flip:

3. Add a question to the beginning of the round. Instead of just yelling “Go!” you can add a little bit of fun by asking the two players facing off a “this or that” question for them to answer. For example:

  • Chicken or Fish
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
  • Shorts or Pants
  • Coke Classic or Diet Coke


Well, good luck! This beer drinking game is a great way to add a little bit of competition to your next event. While each team has a good chance to win at the beginning, the more and more you play the harder it will be for the remaining players. If you found this resource helpful, feel free to check out our other party game guides for your next happy hour!

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